Monday, August 25, 2008

Owen's 1st Birthday!

This last weekend was a blast! Our baby boy Owen, turned 1!! We started our weekend off by heading to Bear Lake, where we stayed at Nate's, dad's cabin. There were decorations, balloons, cake, presents, food and family. It was great. His grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousin came to help him celebrate. He LOVED the food...what new!? And watching him open a gift was hilarious! I don't think he really got the concept of receiving the gift inside. He would tear a small piece of paper off and everyone would cheer for him. He found this one small piece at a time, we got through the gifts. When it came down to the cake, he also loved the all of us singing for him. (Probably, the only one in the world that would love my family's singing! ha, ha!) We gave him his own little cake to smash. I had waited ALL day for that part...only for him to cry when he got frosting all over his hands. Ha! His sister dunked her WHOLE face into it when she turned 1. He just hated being dirty. All in all, it was a great party. It was so nice to have both sides of the family together, enjoying good food and good company. And what a special little boy to bring us all together like that! So thanks to all of those who traveled so far to help us celebrate his special day!
*I will be putting pics of the party and our Bear Lake Adventure on soon! We spent the next day at the lake and it was an absolute blast!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Welcome to the Hodges Family!

Despite all the craziness in our lives, at the end of the day....we're just a regular ol' family. We are down to earth but always ready for a good time! With almost 4 years of marriage, 2 kids, 2 dogs I would say, there's never a dull moment.
Nate, will be 22 September 7th. He is working at Cardall's Insulation and does very well there. He loves what he does even with the long hours, hot/ cold weather and the itchy insulation. I think what he loves best is that he is outdoors and that it is a physical job. Nate loves generally the same stuff that I do (camping, hiking, snowboarding, family play time, etc). He also enjoys basketball, football and skateboarding. All of which he does very well! He loves being active and outdoors. But more importantly he loves teaching his kids these things. He is a great daddy!

(You can read about ME under my description)
Kya turned 3 on June 3rd. She is our princess, and has all the attitude that comes along with it! She loves to be in charge when it comes to anything, this includes her little brother. She is his protector and biggest fan. She is a fantastic older sister and generally shares pretty well. She loves meeting other "friends" and has always been a social butterfly. She loves going hiking, camping, riding her bike, playing at the park, and most of all swimming! If this girl was anything in her pre-life, it was a mermaid! She just finished up gymnastics and is starting preschool the first of September. She is her mommy's "mini-me" and her daddy's #1 girl.
Owen will be 1 on August 24th!! 2 days away, and his mommy is so sad...her baby's growing up. Owen is the apple of everyone's eye! He is a definite heartbreaker and has the most fabulous smile. He makes everyone he meets smile! He took his first steps just a day ago, but has been a jabber jaw since he was young. You never loose him when he's crawling around like a maniac...cause he's talkin' away! He, like his sister has beautiful, curly hair and HUGE blue eyes. He waves goodbye, claps and plays lots of games like peek-a-boo and "SO BIG". He LOVES to eat! The one thing to make this boy happy, is some yummy food!He also loves his big sister and loves to wrestle her on mom and dad's bed. This he can accomplish easily because he only weighs 7 lbs. less than his sister and it a foot shorter than her. He also loves his 2 doggies. ..or more rather his horses! What a miracle it is to have such a sweet baby boy!
What a blessed family we are! We have so many great memories together and hope to write about so many more in the future! All in all, through the good, the bad and the ugly, our family has come out on top. Each day our love grows and our family is strengthening day to day. We are the Hodges Family....and we wouldn't want it any other way!

About Me

Welcome to Becky's Blog! I'm 23 years old. I'm the proud wife of Nate Hodges and the proud MOM of 2 beautiful kids, Kya (3) and Owen (1). I work for a company by the name of IMPACT and I'm also a licensed Pyro-technician. I love to hike, camp, snow-board, read, eat sushi, play with my fam and 2 cute dogs, (Miah; pitbull, Petey; Doxi-corgi). I'm a laid back, easy going person, who loves to laugh and have a good time...but catch me on my off day (or during my nap!) can guess! Ha! No really, I love my life and the people I have in it. I couldn't be more blessed!